Automatic Login

The Automatic Login page in the Administration view allows the MultiTerm administrator to set up a default login and password for any user. Therefore, a user who does not have an account can log in to the system and not have to remember a username or password each time they use MultiTerm Online.



A person who is logged in using these default credentials has read-only access to the termbases and cannot modify any termbase entries.


Setting the Default Login

  1. Go to the Automatic Login page in the Administration view.

  2. Type a username in the Username box provided.  For example, you many want to enter the username, guest.

  3. Enter the password in the New Password box and re-type the password again in the Repeat Password box to confirm.

  4. Click OK. The default username and password are now set up in the system.

  5. Select the Enforce Automatic Logon with Below Credentials check box to activate the automatic login. Next time that the user enters the MultiTerm URL in a browser then the Termbases page of the Home view will display instead of the Login page.

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