Creating New Entries

You can create new entries in a termbase, provided that you have the appropriate access rights for that termbase. Creating new entries requires write access to entry level fields and write access to one or more of the termbase languages or indexes.  

Before you Begin

  1. Check that you have sufficient termbase access rights to create new termbase entries. In addition, note the following:

  1. Select a layout on the lower MultiTerm Online toolbar that displays all mandatory fields and the fields you want to add in the entry you are about to create

Creating a New Termbase Entry

  1. Go to the Terms view and make sure the termbase where you want to add the new entry is the default termbase by selecting it. The default termbase is always shown on the browse pane.

  2. Click Create a new entry on the lower MultiTerm Online toolbar. The entry pane displays a template where you can type information.

  3. Add field content and additional fields:

  1. To delete a field from the new entry, select the field label and press [Delete]. When prompted, click OK to confirm or Cancel if you decide not to delete.


Deleting a field also deletes any fields that are subordinate to that field.


  1. When you have finished adding fields and field content, click Save entry on the lower MultiTerm Online toolbar to exit edit mode. The new entry is saved to the termbase. To check your new entry, carry out a search and click the appropriate term in the hit list (search results) to display the entry in the Entry pane.

To exit the entry editor without saving the new entry, click Cancel entry editing .



  • The input model you are using may provide default content for some fields in your entry. You can accept or edit the default field contents. For more information, see Using Input Models.

  • Some fields may be defined as mandatory in the termbase definition or in the active input model. You must supply field content for these fields before saving your new entry.

  • If a field is marked multiple in the termbase definition or active input model, then it can be added several times at the same level in a single entry. For example, many entries contain several terms in the same language because the language or index field is marked as multiple in the termbase definition. Picklist fields do not allow you to add multiple instances under the same level; however, if they are marked as multiple you can select more than one option from the picklist in that field.

  • You cannot modify fields to which you have read-only access.



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