Exporting Terms

You can export terms from your termbase into zipped XML files which can then be imported into other termbases.  


To export terms:

  1. Go to the Export page in the Catalog view.

  2. Select the termbase from which you want to export the terms from the Select Termbase drop-down list. The termbase must be open in MultiTerm Online.

  3. Select the export definition to use for the export from the Export Definitions box, contact your MultiTerm administrator.

  4. In the Export Settings box, select the method you want to use to sort the exported terms:

  5. Sort termbase content by entry number - Select this option if you want to sort the terms by the entry number they were assigned when they were entered into the termbase.

  6. Sort termbase content by index field - Select this option and select a language from the drop-down list if you want to sort the terms by language.

  7. Apply Filter - Select this option and select a filter from the drop-down list if you want to limit the terms that you export from the termbase.

  1. Click OK to start the export process. The Processing Jobs page is displayed.  This page indicates the current status of the export. During the export process the status, Processing, is displayed and the percentage of the export that is complete is displayed. This page is refreshed every ten seconds. You can cancel the export at any time by clicking Abort.

When the export process is complete, the status changes to Complete and the exported files are zipped and are accessible from the Download File link that is displayed.  These files and their accompanying files remain accessible until you choose to delete them from the server.  The files include the exported XML file and a log file.




Once the export process has started, it will continue even if you log out of MultiTerm Online or if you are disconnected. You can log back in and view the status of an export on the Export page of the Catalog view, which indicates if the process is complete, still processing or if there are any errors. You can also access the exported files from this page by clicking Download File in the Operations column on the Job Processes table.



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