Logging in to MultiTerm Online

To log in to MultiTerm Online, you need a valid MultiTerm Online login (username and password). This information is supplied by your MultiTerm administrator. Alternatively, you can use the default guest user login. The guest user login provides read-only access to the online termbases in the system.  



Your MultiTerm administrator can restrict which termbases you can access.


Your MultiTerm administrator may define a default account that is automatically logged in when MultiTerm Online is loaded. If this is the case, you have immediate access to the list of available termbases without having to log in manually.

The login procedure outlined below assumes that you have already entered the MultiTerm Online address in the address bar of your browser. This brings you to the MultiTerm Online login page.

Tip: For easy access, add the MultiTerm Online address to the list of favorites in your browser.


To log in to MultiTerm Online:

  1. Enter your login details in the Username and Password boxes on the MultiTerm Online login page. If you are using a guest account, type guest in the Username box. The default Password is guest, but this can be changed by your administrator. The guest account provides read-only access to MultiTerm Online. NOTE: The login is case-sensitive.

  2. Click Log in and one of the following is displayed:

  1. If the Termbases page in the Home view is displayed, it lists the termbases that are available to you. Select the termbases you want to work with from the list and click OK. If your MultiTerm administrator has configured MultiTerm Online to select all termbases then clear any termbase check boxes you do not want to open and click OK. If you select several termbases, all are open and available for use, however, only the content of the first of these termbases is displayed in the Terms view. The other termbases are listed by name at the bottom of the browse and hit list pane.  

  2. To display the content of another termbase, click the relevant termbase name in the browse and hit list pane. This action also sets that termbase as the default termbase.

Access rights for online termbases are defined by your MultiTerm administrator and may vary from one termbase to the next.

You will remain logged in unless you are inactive for a period of more than 30 minutes.


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