Managing Import and Export Operations

Import and export operations are managed from the Job Administration page in the Administration view. This page is only accessible to users logged in as MultiTerm administrators and allows you to see the jobs that are currently running in the system or jobs that have been completed.  

Once a export or import operation has started, it will continue even if the user logs out of MultiTerm Online or is disconnected. Therefore, as a MultiTerm administrator, you can keep track of the jobs that are currently running on the server.

You are also able to delete jobs off the server. For example, you may delete an export job from six months ago that is still currently on the server. Any export jobs on this list also store the exported files on the server.



You cannot delete jobs that are currently in progress.


In the Delete Jobs box, you can view the following information:



Use this column to select the jobs you want to delete from the server.


Job Owner

The user performing the operation.


Job Status

The status of the operation: In Progress, Complete, Aborted or Error Occurred.


Catalogue Name


The name of the import or export definition file.

Creation Date

The date and time that the operation was started.


Deleting a Job

  1. Go the Job Administration page in the Administration view.

  2. In the Delete Jobs box, select the check box in the Select column next to the job you want to delete.

  3. Click Delete Selected Jobs Now to remove the job and any accompanying files (exported and/or log files) from the server.

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