Opening Online Termbases

The procedure outlined below is the standard procedure for opening termbases in MultiTerm Online. If your MultiTerm administrator has defined custom settings for MultiTerm Online, the procedure you need to follow may be different.


To open the termbase or termbases you want to use:

  1. Go to the Termbases page in the Home view.

  1. Choose the termbase or termbases you want to use by selecting the check box in the Select column.

  2. Click OK to open and display the termbase(s).



  • The termbase for which content is currently displayed is known as the default termbase.

  • To display the content of another termbase, click the relevant termbase name in the browse pane. This action also redefines the default termbase.

The termbase selected by default is the termbase that comes first in alpha-numeric order. For example, if you have a termbase that is called 10-apple and another called apple, 10-apple is the default termbase since it comes first in alpha-numeric order.