Setting Duplicate Filters

To set a duplicate or inconsistency filter for a termbase, you must first create the duplicate filter.


To set a duplicate or inconsistency filter for a termbase:

  1. Click Catalogue to open the Catalog view and select Duplicate Filters from the lower MultiTerm Online toolbar to display the Duplicate Filters page.

  2. Choose a termbase from the Select Termbase drop-down list. The Duplicate Filter Definitions box is refreshed based on the selected termbase.

  3. Select the filter you want to use from the Duplicate Filter Definitions box. If there are no filters available, or you need a different filter, you must create a filter.

  4. Click OK to make the filter available for the selected termbase.

When you select a termbase on the Duplicate Filters page, it will now have the set filter available for use with your next duplicate or inconsistency search.


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