Termbase Access Rights

Your MultiTerm administrator decides which termbases are available to you online. Within each termbase, the MultiTerm administrator specifies which areas you can access and whether you have read or write access to termbase fields in those areas. The MultiTerm administrator also decides which layout, filter and input model objects are available for you to use.

Before working with a particular termbase, check whether you have read or write access to:

If you have write access at entry level, you can edit and add fields at entry level. If you have write access for a given index or language, you can edit and add fields associated with that language and its terms. The right to change the content of the entry class field and the right to delete termbase entries are normally available to advanced users only. Contact your MultiTerm administrator for precise details about the access rights you have for each online termbase.

When you open an entry for editing in MultiTerm Online, the entry is automatically locked. While the entry is locked, other users may view the entry but cannot open it for editing.




  • Your MultiTerm administrator may define a default account that is automatically logged in when MultiTerm Online is loaded. If this is the case, you have immediate access to the list of available termbases without having to log in manually. For more information about this and other customized site settings, see the SDL MultiTerm 2011 help.

  • If you leave your browser idle for a certain period of time, you are automatically disconnected from MultiTerm Online. To continue working, you must log in to MultiTerm Online again. By default, your connection will time-out if it is idle for a period of ten minutes, however, the time-out value can be modified by your MultiTerm administrator.  If you are disconnected from the MultiTerm Online while performing an import or export operation, that process will still continue even when you are not in MultiTerm Online.

License Restrictions

Certain restrictions may apply in your MultiTerm environment. For example, if the maximum number of concurrent connections to the MultiTerm Online server has already been reached, you may be temporarily prevented from logging in. If necessary, inform your MultiTerm administrator of your requirements.