Using Input Models

The input model provides you with a template for creating and editing entries. Based on the content of the termbase definition, it makes certain fields available for editing and suppresses others so that they are not available at all in edit mode. The active input model may provide default content for certain fields; while in edit mode, you can leave the default content as is or modify it as required, provided that the relevant field is writable. The active input model may also specify that certain fields are multiple, mandatory or read-only.


Choosing an Input Model

Before you carry out any editing tasks in MultiTerm Online, choose a suitable input model.

Input models are termbase-specific. Each termbase has a default input model and this is always available to you in MultiTerm Online. Your MultiTerm administrator may also supply custom-defined input models for use with a particular termbase. Contact your MultiTerm administrator for more information about the input models that are available to you.



Before you start editing, make sure to select a layout that displays all the necessary fields. Remember that certain layouts may suppress fields that are marked as mandatory in the termbase definition or input model. You cannot save an entry until all mandatory fields have been filled.  


Applying an Input Model

  1. Go to the Input Models page in the Catalog view.  You can also access this from the Current input model <input model name> icon inputmodelicon.jpg on the lower MultiTerm Online toolbar located in the Terms view.

  2. Select the termbase that you want to apply the input model to from the Select Termbase drop-down list. The termbase must be open in MultiTerm Online.

  3. In the Input Models table, select the check box in the Current column next to the input model you want to apply to the termbase.

  4. Click OK to apply the input model.

When you create a new entry or edit an existing entry in a termbase, it will now use the default input model that was set on the Input Models page in the Catalog view.



The input models listed on the Input Models page are first sorted alphabetically by name and then by owner (user-owned, user role-owned or system-owned).