Using Layouts

You can change how entries are displayed in MultiTerm Online. You can doing this by changing the layout, which determines which fields are displayed in each entry and what kind of formatting is applied to field labels, field content and cross-reference or hyperlink text.

There are five default layouts in each termbase and these are outlined below:

Your MultiTerm administrator may also supply custom-defined layouts for use with a particular termbase. Contact your MultiTerm administrator for more information about the layouts that are available to you.




  • A layout may specify that the content of a particular field or structure (a parent field and any subordinate fields) is hidden by default. To show/hide field content and any nested fields, click once on the field label in the entry pane.

  • Always check that you have activated a suitable layout before you start editing or creating new entries. The layout you choose should display all mandatory fields and all of the fields that you want to edit.


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